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Osteopathy Melbourne - St. Kilda Osteopathy

How osteopathy can play a role in your musculoskeletal health:

Osteopath demonstrates model skeleton to patientOsteopathy is a form of hands on therapy which primarily treats the musculoskeletal (muscular and skeletal) systems of your body. It is one of the oldest manipulative therapies, having originated in America over 135 years ago. 

Within Australia, Osteopathy (commonly referred to as ‘Osteo’), is becoming one of the most popular treatment options recommended by general practitioners, sports doctors, and health practitioners, as well as people who have had osteopathic treatment themselves, to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

St. Kilda Osteopathy was established in 2004.
We have over 60 years combined "hands on" experience.

We see many complex and chronic musculoskeletal cases, as well as acute injuries and complaints.

St Kilda Osteopathy continues to be a leader in the manual therapy industry. Emphasis is placed on ensuring our practitioners are always involved in Continuing Professional Development to bring you the most up-to-date researched methods in manual therapy, injury prevention and rehabilitation. We use evidence based treatment protocols and techniques. You will find: 

  • Thorough assessment and explanation of our diagnosis and treatment recommendations, including an estimate of how many sessions you may require,
  • Reassessment at the start and end of each session – to make sure you are comfortable with your progress and can see your improvements!
  • Consent to treatment is required and can be withdrawn at any time,
  • We offer Hicaps facility,
  • We take referrals through GPs for Enhanced Primary Care Management Plans, also known as Chronic Disease Management Plans  (please ask one of our osteopaths about whether you may qualify).
  • Concession rates are available
  • Our strong relationships with other practitioners means we can refer you to a trusted professional should that be required

At St. Kilda Osteopathy you will never feel rushed

The St Kilda Osteopathy teamWe ensure ample time is provided to assess and treat all areas which may be contributing to your condition. This may include techniques such as gentle manipulation, combined with soft tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, muscle energy techniques, articulation, stretching, postural alignment, nutritional and rehabilitation advice for a longer lasting result. All treatment types within osteopathy is offered at St Kilda Osteopathy for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions in adults, teenagers, children and newborns.

Trust in our reputation as one of the leading Osteopaths in Melbourne and St. Kilda. Contact us for any further questions or queries.

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