Osteopath Prahran – St Kilda Osteopathy

Osteopath Prahran – St Kilda Osteopathy

Lower Back Pain? Neck pain? Headaches? Sciatica?

Did you know that these are just a few on the conditions that we see at St Kilda Osteopathy on a daily basis!

Osteopaths treat a large variety of muscle and joint conditions that cause pain, discomfort, movement restrictions, and impact on performing daily activities.

We see all types of conditions ranging from acute injuries such as a sprained ankle, wry neck or muscle spasm, to more long term issues such as arthritis related complaints, disc bulges, and postural complaints

Your Osteopath in Melbourne will diagnose condition mentioned above but also conditions including bursitis, tendonitis, RSI. We will use hands on treatment techniques to help alleviate pain and discomfort such as massage, mobilization, articulation, myofascial release, stretching and muscle energy techniques, We will also give appropriate stretching and strengthening rehabilitation programs, and provide advice on posture, diet, stress management and refer to further allied or medical health practitioners as required.

Osteopathy is one of the fastest growing allied health professions in Australia. This is due to our evidence based effective treatment methods and the positive results and feedback of our patients who are treated efficiently, educated about their issue, and have empathic, knowledgeable and experienced Osteopaths taking care of their musculoskeletal health care.  If you are looking for an osteopath in Prahran, come and see us today for an appointment to see how we can help you!