Osteopath Balaclava – St Kilda Osteopathy

Osteopath Balaclava – St Kilda Osteopathy

Did you know that Osteopaths treat musculoskeletal complaints – ie,  muscle and joint conditions? Osteopaths are highly skilled at diagnosing, treating and managing conditions that include:

We, Melbourne Osteopaths look at the whole body as a unit – we integrate many types of techniques into our treatment to get the best, and quickest result for our patient.  Osteopathic techniques can include massage, mobilization an articulation, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, dry needling and rehabilitation exercises. Our aim is to get you back to being active, pain free and in control of your movement and pain as quick and effectively as possible!

Osteopaths study for 5 years at University, often undertaking a Masters Degree as well. Main subjects include anatomy, physiology, orthopedic conditions, pathology, radiology and of course, “hands on” treatment techniques. All Osteopaths at St Kilda Osteopathy are also member of Osteopathy Australia – our national association.  We all undertake professional development courses throughout the year to continually up-skill, learn and be aware of the most current research, evidence based practice and knowledge available to provide for our patients.

When patients come to us in pain and for help, Osteopaths look at how the pain or condition is affecting the structure and function of their body. We also look at how their medical history has an impact their current pain/condition, as well as their current work, hobbies or family life may be aggravating or affecting their pain. Our treatment and management plan is based on what is BEST for the patient in front of us. Each session is tailored individually as each patient is an individual – even though 2 people may have the exact same condition. Often the reason why the pain and condition has happened in the first place will not be the same, and the clinical findings will also be different, hence treatment and management is specific!

Your Osteopath will also provide advice on exercise, stress management, nutrition, posture and ergonomics, as well as referral to a specialist or GP if required.  We see patients from South Melbourne suburbs and so if you are looking for an osteopath in Elwood, Caulfield, Balaclava, Prahran, Elsternwick, Middle Park, South Yarra or Melbourne CBD, contact us at our osteopathic clinic in St. Kilda. We will also liase with your other health care practitioners or personal trainers/pilates instructors etc to ensure you have the most well rounded care and support as possible!