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Posture Assessment - Improve Posture

Did you know that improving posture may help improve energy levels and help decrease muscle tightness!

Optimal Ergonomic set up at your Work station may allow for improved posture and therefore improve productivity!!

improve posture with osteopathy and optimal ergonomic workstation setup

Posture is something most of us take for granted. We tend to only think about it when something goes wrong. But having poor posture can be the cause of, or contribute to, many ongoing issues such as:

  • Neck, back or shoulder pain
  • Tight and tender muscles
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory problems such as asthma and breathing difficulty
  • Lack of energy
  • General irritability or low moods
  • Sleep difficulties

Having an osteopathic treatment for your posture may improve your body awareness, stability and strength

At St Kilda Osteopathy, we provide professional assistance in achieving and maintaining good posture for your body and health.  We will do a thorough postural assessment for you in standing, sitting, and lying positions and show and teach you the correct positions and techniques to maintain these postures that suit you! 

St Kilda Osteopathy practitioners will give you advice and tips specific to your body so you can continue to feel better, stronger and more empowered. These may include:

  • Strengthening exercises – particularly core strength
  • Stretching techniques
  • Ergonomic advice for your work and home environments
  • Daily exercises to ensure correct posture when sitting for long periods
  • Sleep position
  • General exercise advice

Read the following Blogs for some tips and advice on posture at work!

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 Option 1 : Standard Individual Overview and Ergonomics Desk Assessment 

This package is aimed for groups that require standard, individual assessments. Typically, these workers are not experiencing any symptoms or have any pre-existing injuries. This assessment encourages correct ergonomics in a bid to prevent injury. 

This assessment will take on average 10 minutes per station and will cover: 
o    Reducing sedentary postures 
o    Modification of workstation to minimise risk of injury 
o    Self-management strategies 
o    Recommended ergonomic accessories. 
o    A global report covering all workstation. 
o    Workstation diagram and stretches brochure for future reference. 

$180/hour (+GST) 

 Option 2. One-on-one Detailed Ergonomic Desk Assessments, including a detailed report. 

This service is designed for the injured employee. Before any adjustments are made to a workstation, we will take a history of the employee’s complaint and concerns, and gain an understanding of their daily tasks.  This is so we are able to identify what is causing or aggravating the injury and any risk factors that may be present. 

This longer consult will include a detailed report documenting: 
o    Current issues, 
o    Advice given, 
o    Adjustments made to workstation 
o    Ergonomic accessories recommended, 
o    Details of current complaint, including aggravating factors 

$180/person (+GST) 
Includes assessment and report writing. 

 Option 3. Educational Group Seminar on Ergonomics and Active Sitting. (Max 30 guests) 

This seminar is based on an active approach to desk  based work with an emphasis on preventative poor posture and associated postural pain and complaints. 

During this presentation, we will cover: 
o    Ergonomic awareness of surroundings and posture 
o    How to engage proper muscles for posture whilst seated or standing. 
o    Common areas of weakness whilst desk bound, and ways to strengthen. 
o    Common areas of muscles tightness causing compensational issues. 
o    Demonstration of a routine of exercises/ stretches and cues for remembering them. 
o    Problematic regions caused by poor posture, including prevention and ways in which to manage.  
o    Handout on posture and correct ergonomic set up for attendees. 

$250 (+GST)