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Osteopathy FAQs


Do I need a referral from my GP? 
No, a referral is not necessary. Simply make an appointment with St Kilda Osteopathy directly and make sure you bring any relevant imaging or reports to help your osteopath make an accurate assessment. 

Is osteopathic treatment covered by my private health fund? 
Osteopathic treatment is covered under the ancillary or extras cover of most major health insurers. We offer instant rebates via HICAPS. The rebate varies depending on your health insurer, so check the details of your policy. 

Do you have HICAPS facilities? 
Yes, we offer instant rebates via HICAPS when paying for your appointment. 

Is osteopathic treatment covered by Medicare? 
Yes, Medicare now covers osteopathic treatment in certain conditions. If you suffer from chronic pain (pain present for greater than 6 weeks), and you are under the care of a specialist (as referred to by your GP), your GP can refer you to an osteopath for up to five treatments per calendar year. You must have a referral from your GP with specific paper work, so talk to your GP or medical clinic about an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan or Chronic Disease Management Plan. 

I’m pregnant, can I have osteopathic treatment? 
Yes, osteopathic treatment is a fantastic way to treat mothers and babies. Your body changes during pregnancy to make room for your growing baby, and this may lead to complaints such as back or pelvic pain, sciatica, indigestion and trouble sleeping comfortably. Your osteopath can select appropriate treatment and give advice to help you manage your pregnancy and understand the changes happening in your body, and especially your musculoskeletal sytstem more comfortably. 

Do you treat babies, children and teenagers? 
Yes!  Common reasons for bringing your child to see an osteopath include, birth trauma - such as forceps delivery, plagiocephaly, accidents or falls, postural problems, growing pains and sporting injuries. Advice may also be given on general health, diet, exercise and posture. If required, your osteopath may also refer your child to other health and medical professionals. 

What is the difference between osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropractics? 
This is one of the most common questions we are asked. There are some similarities between the three modalities both in conditions treated and in some of the techniques used. The main differences are found in the philosophies behind each modality and how the principles of treatment are applied. 

The main principles of Osteopathy are that the body is a unit and that the structure and function of the body are interrelated. This means that damage, to one area of the body can have dramatic effects on other regions of the body. Osteopaths aim to treat the symptoms of the problem as well as the cause behind them. In doing so, all of our techniques are hands-on and are specific to your condition and your medical history. 

Is osteopathic treatment safe? 
The risks associated with osteopathic treatment are very low. At St Kilda Osteopathy we consider your safety and security to be of utmost importance. After taking a full case history, your osteopath will choose the lowest risk techniques for treating you specifically, and aim to improve your pain and ease your discomfort.

How many treatments will I need? 
Your osteopath will expect to see positive results within 1 to 4 treatments for common symptoms. However, each individual is unique and therefore some people will require more or less treatment before their symptoms improve. We will always discuss this with you at each treatment. It may also depend on how long you have been in pain, the type of pain you are experiencing and the intensity of the pain - and how it is affecting you in your activities of daily living - including work and home life