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What to Expect at your First Osteopathy Treatment

What to Expect at your First Osteopathy Treatment

What to Expect at your First Osteopathy Treatment

Many patients who come to see us at St Kilda Osteopathy have been referred to us by other patients of the clinic, their GP, allied health practitioner, personal trainer, and yes, even Google!

We are an established, professional, and of course caring team of Osteopaths in Melbourne who work to give you the best outcome for your musculoskeletal health and wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on our patient care and knowledge of patient satisfaction.  The positive results we achieve for our patients is what keeps people coming back when they need further help or have a new issue.

If you haven’t seen an Osteopath before, as many of our new patients haven’t, rest assured, we will look after you! We explain everything that we are doing, and why, as well as what we think is causing your pain or discomfort.

During your initial consultation your Osteopath will ask you about what the problem or pain you may be experiencing may be that brought you into the clinic. And then further questions may ensue which relate to this problem.

This may include type of pain, intensity of pain, movements or things that aggravate or relieve the pain, as well as how long you may be been feeling like this for.  We will also ask about your medical history, as well as medications, as this may have an influence (even if you can’t see it), to help us diagnose and best manage your complaint.

We will then do some testing that may include general and functional movements. We may have you standing or seated, and also lying down. We may also perform some diagnostic, clinical, orthopaedic and neurological tests to help us determine a diagnosis, dependent on your history and presentation of pain and symptoms.

For example, if you come in with shoulder pain, we will also assess your neck, upper and lower back, and elbow – and if anything else is indicated from your history we will cover that too!

At each stage we will describe what we are finding and what we believe may be causing your pain, and what condition you may be experiencing.

Our treatment will begin only with your consent – and understanding of what we will be doing to help you improve. We will give you an approximate time length of how long you may have your complaint for, what the recovery time may include, and of course what you can do at home to help with pain, rehabilitation and to make your life easier!

Osteopathic treatment itself includes many different “hands on” techniques. These may include massage, mobilization, stretching, manipulation, myofascial release techniques, as well as dry needling and exercise rehabilitation and prescription.  We will also advise on ergonomics, nutrition, exercise and general health and well being to help improve your condition.

A common question we get asked is “Do I need a referral from my GP to see you?”  The short answer is no you don’t! We do get many patients referred to us by their GP, but you do not need an “official” referral to have an appointment.  If you suffer with a complex and chronic condition that is managed by your GP and other specialist doctors, your GP may refer you to us as part of a team care arrangement under the Chronic Disease Management Plan, where Medicare will cover part of the consultation for up to 5 sessions. (Please speak to us or your GP further about this plan if you think it may include you).

If you have had scans or a previous diagnosis from another practitioner you may bring this along with you to your initial consultation. Otherwise, just bring yourself and be comfortable in our hands!

We see lots of people with a vast range of presentations, complaints, conditions, age ranges, and from all walks of life –

That’s what is part of what is so interesting and great for us as health care practitioners – putting together the pieces of a puzzle of the patient in front of us and getting them moving and feeling better again as quickly as possible! Let St Kilda Osteopathy help you too!

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