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Sciatica and How Osteopathy can help

As osteopaths, we often have patients coming to us complaining of sciatica looking for help! They may also be complaining of lower back pain and other associated symptoms such as pain, weakness and discomfort in the leg and foot. The pain can be quite debilitating and can be constant, sharp, dull and intense.

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Back Pain

Did you know that back pain affects up to 80% of Australians. The pain can be acute pain which can come on suddenly and be severe, intense and debilitating or can be chronic, dull in nature and unrelenting - as well as severe in nature too.

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Workstation Posture Tips

Did you know that a lot of people who have desk based jobs have incorrectly set up ergonomics at their desk. This in turn creates poor habits and hence poor posture due to muscle fatigue, strain and ends up causing pain – whether it be lower back, neck and shoulders, RSI or headaches. So…

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