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Health Benefits of Swimming!

Why osteopaths at St Kilda Osteopathy recommend swimming…

  • Swimming is a non-loaded, non-weight bearing form of exercise.
  • It is great for helping many spinal, peripheral joint and muscular conditions. These can include disc bulges, prolapses and degeneration, all forms of arthritis, post surgical recovery, muscle weakness post injury, postural conditions and more…
  • It offers warmth and offloads muscles and joints and is fantastic for general health and fitness. And you can work at your own pace!!
  • It also helps decrease the risk of re-injury and hastening recovery from current injury
  • It can be a great social form of exercise, as well as relaxing and meditative.
  • It improves posture and overall muscular tone, strength and flexibility
  • It can help ease symptoms of asthma, all forms of arthritis, decrease risk of diabetes and can lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • It can aid in rehabilitation post surgery of hip, knee, spinal and foot conditions
  • It can help decrease stress and increase release of positive endorphins and hence can improve mood and overall sense of wellbeing
  • Hyrdrotherapy or deep water classes can be a great structured form of exercise and be specific to your complaint too with the right instructor!


Search for your local swimming pool, whether it be indoor, outdoor, spa/wellness centre and get in the pool!

And be safe! Happy swimming, paddling, kicking or just stretching in the water from the team at St Kilda Osteopathy!

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