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Cycling, Walking and Running Circuits: Convenient All-round Fitness

It’s a challenge for most of us to strike a balance between working hard and maintaining good health. Most days, we are swamped with our to-do lists and long work hours. Factor in the time we need to spend with family and friends, attend to household and personal chores, and finding time for exercise becomes hard.

However, there are several easy ways to add in a dose of exercise that won’t eat up a chunk of your day and help you meet the levels of daily exercise needed to keep your body in good shape.

Making use of local cycling and running circuits are a couple of good examples and are easy on the wallet too. Working most areas of the body and needing minimal or no equipment, these provide a convenient and well-rounded way to stay healthy and fit. You can maximise your results with minimal amounts of time and effort, and enjoy the benefits of muscle toning and strength development. If you don’t have time for complicated routines, cycling and running circuits might be something to consider.

Here is how your body can benefit from cycling and running:

  • Helps tone your muscles as they target all areas of the body
  • Develop strength levels (without needing hard core weight lifting!)
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase your body’s flexibility
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Helps strengthen your bones
  • Decrease your body fat levels

Getting Out & About: St Kilda & Surrounds

Our surrounding area also offers plenty of ideal locations to choose from and here are some of our personal favourites:

Cycling Circuits:

  • The Bay Trail : This route will take you through our picture-worthy coasts of St. Kilda Beach and Half Moon Bay. Feel the wind in your hair and take in the views as you ride along through this easily navigable and relaxing route. One of Melbourne’s most popular cycling circuits, you’ll pass through several beaches where you might even take a breather and take a dip or sink your feet in the sands. Beach Road is considered the hub of cycling for Melbournians so if you have more time to spare, you can continue south as time permits or on the return run head up to Port Melbourne.
  • Capital City Bike Trail : Within a 5km radius from the CBD at all points, this trail is one of the most convenient biking routes in Melbourne. The 29km loop allows you to conveniently start off at any point and head west or east. Offering well located stops throughout, this route is also easy on your wheels and the road is mostly traffic-free. If you’re starting at the Royal Botanical Gardens in South Yarra and heading west, the loop will take you to South Bank, West Melbourne and past the Melbourne Zoo through to Fitzroy North, Yarra Bend and Studley parks, and continuing alongside the Yarra River, past Fairview park and Como Park in South Yarra, back to the Tan.
  • Velodromes in Melbourne : If speed is more your thing without the worry of cars and other distractions, a velodrome might do the trick. Get your heart rate racing and your wheels spinning in these built for purpose track racing facilities. And there’s no excuse in winter either with indoor velodromes at Melbourne Arena and the Darebin International Sports Centre. Velodromes may have set times or schedules of use so you will need to check these before heading out. See here for a list of velodromes in and around Melbourne:
  • Something different: Rosstown Rail Trail : For an introductory or light trail to get your exercise routine started, and if you’re also juggling children, this is one the whole family can enjoy with plenty of parks along the way. The trail follows an old disused private railway line built for William Ross in 1888. If you’re heading out from St Kilda, head down through Balaclava and past Ripponlea and head toward the start of the trail at Elsternwick station on Riddell Parade. The trail will take you through Princes Park in Gardenvale, EE Gunn Reserve in Ormond, Packer Park in Carnegie and through to Oakleigh Station. If you’re starting from the Oakleigh end you can continue on through Glen Huntly road onto the beach at Elwood. Download a detailed description of the route here:…/rosstown_rail_trail.pdf

Running Trails:

  • The Tan to Albert Park Lake : This 9.62 km trails runs through free exercise stations and has signage posted every 500m. It will take you through the Botanical Gardens out into Domain street and across Toorak Road and Fawkner park. Close to Port Philip Bay, you may even have the wind on your back if you run this trail on a sunny day.
  • Brighton Beach to St. Kilda : Breathe in the scenic views when you run Melbourne’s most beautiful running route from Brighton Beach to St. Kilda. This track runs along the coast of Brighton Beach and through Elwood until you reach St. Kilda Boulevard. Clock up around 10kms if you decide to loop around.
  • Yarra Trails : If you’re up for a bit more of a challenge, take the Yarra trails for some elevation. Providing a mix of challenging hills and various terrains, this track helps you get more exercise out of your run. Shared by runners and cyclists, the Main Yarra Trail, starting at Princess Bridge in Southbank, is conveniently close to the CBD, and runs 33km along Yarra River through Yarra Bend park to Westerfolds Park in Templestowe.

No matter how busy our day can be, we know exercise is important to keep our body healthy. Taking a bit of time each day to tone up and stay fit can work if you find convenient ways to do it. Try out any one of the locations above and see what works best for you. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort to stay in good shape and by getting out and about you’ll get to take in a stress-busting dose of nature and fresh air while you do it.

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