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Category: Common Conditions

Pelvic Floor and How To Strengthen It

What is the Pelvic Floor and How Can I do Exercises for it? The good news is…..pelvic floor exercises can be done anywhere – while sitting, standing or lying down! The benefits of exercise for your pelvic floor include: Reducing back pain, pelvic pain and pelvic girdle pain Improving and maintaining muscle tone Supporting good […]

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Did you know that Osteopathic treatment looks at the whole body – not just the area of pain!

Osteopaths work on the foundation that our body works as a functional and dynamic unit. This drives our approach and hands on treatment to treat globally and holistically - to make change to your whole body, not just the isolated, painful region. This is to assist the self-healing and regulation mechanism each of us possesses, so the body can in turn heal itself.

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Running Tips!

Are you training for a marathon or running event? We want to be part of your team to make sure you make it to the finish line - injury free! Before you start pounding the pavement, we want you to be aware of ways to prevent or manage common running injuries. Training towards your big event might take months. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

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Sciatica and How Osteopathy can help

As osteopaths, we often have patients coming to us complaining of sciatica looking for help! They may also be complaining of lower back pain and other associated symptoms such as pain, weakness and discomfort in the leg and foot. The pain can be quite debilitating and can be constant, sharp, dull and intense.

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Headaches – Causes and Preventions

Headaches affect nearly all people at some stage within our lifetime, with some sources stating that about 15 percent of the population is taking some sort of pain relief for a headache at any given time. Headaches decrease our work productivity, reduce our ability to exercise and can worsen our mood. At St Kilda Osteopathy, we are experienced in assessing, diagnosing and treating all kinds …

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