Sports Injury and Sports Rehabilitation

Empowering rehabilitation for back injury, sports injuries and more

Room with Pilates reformer machinesSt Kilda Osteopathy believes in not only having osteopathic treatment to help in your recovery from pain and injury, but also in rehabilitation, strength and stability training as part of your recovery.

Our aim for rehabilitation is to teach you how to have and use the correct muscle patterns and muscle activation, and move with the best fluidity, flexibility and ease and to feel strong and stable, and pain free!

We take the time to ask questions, listen to you and undertake thorough assessments. We maintain the highest standard and levels of training.

We recommend Pilates, yoga, personal training or any form of correct exercise tailored to YOU and YOUR condition as part of rehabilitation from many conditions or injuries, including – but not limited to:

  • Back injuries, including slipped discs and sciatica
  • Sports injuries, including hip, knee and shoulder conditions
  • Arthritis related pain and joint stiffness
  • Pregnancy pilates for pain relief
  • Post Natal Care and recovery
  • Postural issues including alignment
  • Correct lifting techniques

Taking care of your body long term

Woman stretching on a fit ball

“Physical fitness is the first prequisite of happiness…the attainment and maintenance of a fully developed body with a sound mind”.

Joseph Pilates

It is crucial to take care with your rehabilitation and recovery. Reoccurrence of injuries is very common if the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction is not addressed correctly.

At St Kilda Osteopathy we will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to care for your body and create optimal health in the long term - both in treatment and rehabilitation.

We will guide you in the most appropriate stretches and strength work for your complaint, including correct muscle activation and exercises to do to decrease pain and inflammation.

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