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  • Pain Relief and Treatment

    for all types of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions

  • Rehabilitation and Prevention

    of injuries and musculoskeletal complaints

  • Improve overall Posture

    ergonomics and body awareness with muscle flexibility, strength and ease of movement

  • Treatment for your
    changing body

    during and after pregnancy

  • Treatments for colic, birth trauma and much more

    for your child's optimal health and well being

Listen to one of our Osteopath's, Dr Claire Richardson, speak to GP Dr. Sally Cockburn, also known as Dr. Feelgood, on 3AW on November 26th 2017 about Osteopathy.
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Osteopathy has a continuing large and growing body of research which are fundamental in maintaining our professional standards, practices and profession.
We, at St Kilda Osteopathy, only practice within the scope of evidence based osteopathy and research, which are in the field of manual therapy, rehabilitation and within our practicing rights, as been allowed by AHPRA, Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency.

Please see some helpful links below of a growing body of research as well as other interesting links and topics that may relate to or be interesting to our current, prospective and past patients.


What Osteopathy is all about:

The Most Cited Articles in the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine:

Interesting articles about your back and body!!

Zoe Foster Blake and her experience with Osteopathy and Pregnancy!
Magnesium and It's Role in Muscle Health!

Ice Baths or not?

Cracking your Knuckles - What it's all about...

Work Health

How being Fit and Moving helps body and mind...


Back Pain and Pharmacuetical NSAIDs?

Arthritis and Foods to avoid and enjoy!

Tumeric as an Anti-inflammatory

Swimming and How it can Help your back!

Fitness and brain health! And why we need to sleep...

Music and Chronic Pain

Pelvic Floor and Pregnancy

Frozen Shoulder...?

Yoga - Is it good for me?

Foot Related Complaints with Ageing 

Jaw Pain , TMJ and Exercises:

Here is a selection of some of the Blog's Dr. Claire Richardson(Osteopath) has written!

What’s the difference between a sprain and a strain? 

 How do we prevent fractures in the elderly? 

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How, and why, do we feel pain? 

Yoga or Pilates, which one is for you? 

How do I get more Vitamin D – and why should I care? 

Quarterzone? Cortisone? What is it anyway? 

Does Hayfever or sinusitis get up your nose? 

Three ergonomic mistakes that we all make 

Plantar Fasciitis – a real pain in the foot! 

Answers to 4 questions you’ve always had for your Osteopath (but have been too afraid to ask!) 

Grinding, clenching and the ever frustrating TMJ 

Headaches Podcast
http://osteopathyaustralia. 15T18_01_32-07_00

Fashion and health - Podcast
http://osteopathyaustralia. 13T20_20_35-08_00 


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