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Osteopathy - Treatment for babies and children

Hands treating child’s foot				Osteopathy offers "hands-on" treatment for your baby, toddler or child. Whether there is a specific issue, or you just feel things are not quite right in areas such as digestion, settling issues, sleep, eating or mood, St Kilda Osteopathy may be able to help your baby.
Many conditions and symptoms mentioned below can be due to a traumatic birth from the use of forceps or vontouse delivery, position in utero, underlying system immaturity, congenital issues and tissue strains.

This is a unique area of treatment and at St Kilda Osteopathy, Dr. Gaby Nowak is highly experienced in treating babies.

Common signs and symptoms your baby might be experiencing:
  • Colic like discomfort which includes high pitch screaming and lots of crying
  • Reflux and digestion issues
  • Constipation
  • Feeding difficulties including:
    - suckling poorly
    - latching on to the breast or bottle poorly
    - taking in a lot of air while feeding 
    - clicking sounds while feeding
  • Wry neck (neck rotation inclined to one direction only)
  • Flat head (plagiocephaly)
  • Hip dysfunction (congenital hip dysplasia) and associated strains
  • Sleep disturbances, poor sleeping
And please note...There is absolutely NO MANIPULATION or CRACKING of any joints or soft tissue in babies or children. As with each adult patient, a thorough history and examination is performed on your child, with your consent, to arrive at a working diagnosis and with an appropriate treatment and management plan.

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Each session incorporates a thorough diagnosis, explanation and "hands on" treatment with the highest quality care. Our treatments are appropriate for pain, injuries, muscle and joint related complaints including acute, chronic or complex case.

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